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AudaCité Montreal’s mission is to mobilize our community and our governments to conceptualize, design and build a bridge over the Saint-Lawrence that will be an architectural icon of the 21st century to drive tourism and business – a bridge that will incite the pride and “can do” spirit of Montréalers and Quebecers for generations to come.


"San Francisco has its Golden Gate Bridge, New York the Statue of Liberty, Sydney its Opera House and Beijing its extraordinary Bird's Nest Olympic Stadium. In replacing the Champlain Bridge, we have the opportunity to build something that will be at least as beautiful and iconic, and that will bring prosperity and renown to Montréal" - Stephen Léopold

We are a group of individuals of all ages and trades who are united by our love for our great city, Montreal, which is fundamentally a city of arts, culture, gastronomy, and quite notably, architectural design.

Montreal was called "Canada's Cultural Capital" by Monocle and was recently named a UNESCO City of Design due to our architectural feats of what is now becoming a distant past. These are just two of the many reasons we are united by the belief that the new Champlain Bridge is a once in a lifetime opportunity to build an architectural icon that reflects Montreal’s unique character. A tremendous opportunity has arisen for Montreal. Our great city has a chance to once again show itself off to the world. 

We are cognizant of the fact that a bridge is a structure that lasts for a very long time, and we seek to avoid a short term view and long term structural mismatch, where the imperative of cutting costs comes at too high a price.


We are keenly aware that Montreal is a great tourist destination, and look at the Golden Gate Bridge, among many others, as precedents to support the thesis that infrastructure projects are not sunk costs, but investments in the quality of life for all citizens. Such investments have the added benefit of paying perpetual dividends in the form of enhanced tourism.

In recent years, our dreams have been muted by the constant rhetoric that great things are beyond our reach; that they are too expensive for us to attain despite the fact that other great cities keep building, keep growing and keep realizing their dreams.

If you share our love for Montreal and believe it is a beacon of arts, architecture, gastronomy, culture and business, help us invest in its future. We appreciate your support.

AudaCité Montréal

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